Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar

This year we decided to do a countdown to Valentine’s Day.  I started by choosing a theme.  There are so many adorable Valentine themes out there.  I picked “Puppy Love”. Here is a list of other themes to choose from.

1. Bee theme…. Be my Valentine

2. Cupcakes theme…..You are too Sweet

3. Music theme…. Love Rocks

4. Owl theme…. Whoot Loves You?

This is how I started with our Puppy Love theme.  First I made a Calendar . I purchased Red and pink doilies at the dollar store.  I placed blue painters tape to the back of the hearts and attached to my wall in a big heart shape.  I placed an ” I Woof You” sign in the middle on a bone shape piece of white paper.  I found these cute little puppy and bone wooden cutouts and attached as well.

The morning of each day I placed more bone shaped cutouts onto the hearts with a new activity for us to do that day. This is the fun part.  My kids love to wake up and see the next activity we are doing.

There are so many things you could do together , but don’t go too crazy.  Kids are just excited to do things together as a family.  My list of activities are very inexpensive and do not take more that 30 minutes.

Here is our 14 day Calendar

1. Play Candyland

2. Decorate house with Love.  Have kids cut out hearts and tape to string.  Hang all over the house.  Make sure you add a little love in their room as well.


3. Make Valentines Day  placemats.  Give each child a piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper.  Place stickers, ribbons and glitter all over the paper.  Use contact paper on top of their work to protect.  I used a scrapbook page protector.  This way I can place it in a scrapbook for a keepsake when they are done using it.

Valentine's Placemats

4. Donate some Love.  This should be a must in any countdown.  Bring your child to the food store and have then pick out Valentine’s treats to donate to the food bank.

5. Make Valentine’s Day card. Give these out to family, friends or neighbors.  You could even drop them off to a hospital or an assisted living.

6. Have an indoor picnic.  Throw a blanket on the floor and light battery operated candles.  I got plastic wine glasses from the dollar store and decorated with stickers to drink out of. Grab your food and eat inside.

7. Memory Valentine’s Day. I found these great printables online.  Have each person take a turn finding a match.  When they do give that person a group hug.

8. Piles of Love. Who will have the most love?  Use conversation hearts and have a race who can stack the most candy hearts without falling

Piles Of Love

9. Tic Tac Toe. Cut out a big heart on poster board or out of 12×12 scrapbook paper.  Decorate as desired.  Use red, silver or pink wrapped Hershey kisses as your markers. I you would like for the Puppy Love theme have one person use Scooby Snacks as their markers

Tic Tac Toe

10. Watch a Valentine’s Day movie or read Valentine’s Day books.  Go to your local library and find age appropriate items. Great pics of movies would be any Disney Movie.  One of our favorites is Enchanted.

11. Find my Love. Print out heart with message or make your own.  Cut into puzzle shaped pieces.  Hide the pieces and let your child find them and see what the message is.

Find My Love

12. Make Valentine’s Day Cookies.   Yum….. is all I have to say

13. Valentine’s Craft.  So many to choose from.  They will be happy with anything you pick.



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