My son’s Super Mario Party

Last year My son wanted a Mario party.  I searched all my favorite blogs and pulled together a perfect party for my little guy on a small budget.  Of course I would have loved to of done more, but was pleased by the outcome of what we did.

When each child arrived, they were given a green toad shirt to wear.  I found that using a package of white undershirts was mush cheaper than buying 1 shirt each.  I drew the toad on the shirt first then painted with green fabric paint.  Next I traced with black puff paint.

Mario Shirt


Tables: I placed red tablecloths and covered them with gold star confetti and gold coin bubble gum.

Balloons: I used white balloons and drew Boo faces on them.  I also rolled white paper into a cone shape and taped to the sides of the Boo balloons.  Also I didn’t want to spend $3.00 per Mario mylar balloon at the store, so I purchased star-shaped balloons at the dollar store and printed from my computer pictures of the characters.  I cut them out and taped to the balloons. After the party the kids got to take them home.

Favors: Mario fruit snacks, more gold stars and bubblegum coins were placed inside the favor bags.  They were tied with a sign my husband made that said Jack Party 8, instead of Mario Party 8.  They then used these bags to collect their goodies from the pinata.


First game was Yoshi Egg Smash.  I emptied real eggs very carefully by cracking the top part.  I cleaned the inside and outside of the egg very well.  Then filled with LOTS of confetti and 1 gold star.  Next place white tissue paper over the hole with glue and drew on your green dots.  Each child got to throw the egg to Yoshi.  Once it smashed and confetti went flying they had to find their gold star.  After they found their star , they received their Mario hats that my fabulous friend Jaime, from Jaime Paints, made for us.

Second game was pin the mustache on Mario.  After each turn they got to pick out a sticky mustache I bought from Oriental Trading. Even the girls could not wait to get their mustaches.

Mario Party Hats and Mustaches

Now the part the boys were itching to do.  Instead of renting out one of those big expensive buses to come to our house with the Wii equipment, I just borrowed families WII consoles. I already had one console so I just borrowed 2 others.  Some of the kids brought their remotes and Ta-Dah… we had enough for all to play.  The boys each took turns playing each game. They had a choice of Super Mario Brothers, Mario Kart, Mario Party 8 and Super Smash Brothers.


What’s a Mario Party with out Pizza. I love how creative my son was…. Mario Pizza.

Mario Pizza

They also had cake and red and green Jello.

Take a little note here….

Boys+horns= LOUD! What was I thinking giving 8-year-old boys noise makers.  Oh my… they were loud, but had fun.


Cake and Jello

PINATA: Every childs favorite part of the party.  Taking a stick or bat and trying to bust something open and then grabbing as much candy as you can.  So wish we had these for adults, but just filled with MONEY 🙂



At the end of the party they all took group shots by another creation from my friend Jaime from Jaime Paints .  Of course we had to get plenty of shots with silly faces 🙂

Group Pictures

The party was a SUPER success!  Thanks for all who joined us.  Hope you had a blast!


Thank You!!! YAHOO!

If you are looking to add more pizzaz to your party or a gift, check out these items on Jaime Paints. She offers hand painted Mario wall decals and Mario Sneakers.


2 Responses to My son’s Super Mario Party

  1. Jaime Urig says:

    it was a Great party!

  2. Shelly says:

    What a fabulous party! You are soooo creative. (-:

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