Inspired food

Wow!  I am amazed on what you can do with food.  Check out these inspired ideas on how to make your party D-LICOUS.


Naepolitan Rice Krispie Treat Cake

How sweet is this cake or should I say rice crispy treat cake.  Marshmallows, butter, chocolate, berry cereal and regular rice crispy cereal is all you need to whip up this baby. Check out Haute Box for directions.


I am in love with these Cake Pops. Check out Bakerella’s site and see how she transform perfect bite size pieces of cake into anything thing you can imagine.  I actually just won her book from The Party Muse on Facebook and I can not wait to try them myself.

Cupcake in a Jar

Oh my!!!!  Look at these cupcakes in a jar.  These are perfect for party favors.  I know I would be delighted to get one of these to take home.  I could just take a scoop here and there when I get home…..NAH…. who am I kidding… These would be gone in a second…YUMMY.

Pies on a Stick

I see there is nothing you can’t put on  a stick.  I would have never thought of this and whoever did is a genius. Check out How Sweer it is blog and see how you can make then too.

Macaroon Cookies

These french specialties have been popping all over the place on dessert tables for a while now.  They are macaroon cookies.  They can come in any flavor and any color. I have seen then arranged on pretty plates and have seen then stacked in a tower.  I never have tried one of these little cookies, but when I see them my mouth starts to water.


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